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Dreamstudio Design Suite

The dreamstudio platform includes everything you need to create professional multimedia projects - for free!

* Top 20 Open Design Apps
* 3D Graphics with Blender
* Lightworks Video Editor
* Inkscape Vector Graphics
* PhotoShop Alternative GIMP
* Free Alternatives to Adobe Creative Suite
* LibreOffice - Free Alternative to Microsoft Office
* Cinelarra, Avid Video Editor Alternative
* Drum Machines, Synthesizers, Audio Mastering
* Ardour Multitrack Audio Recorder, ProTools Alternative
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Imagine Possibility

Learn and Discover - Stories Unfold

We've barely touched the surface. Untether, explore, through technology.

Nurture Ideas

Plant, grow, set free...

  1. Identify challenges related to evolving scenarios
  2. Select the most pressing challenge to tackle first
  3. Produce solution ideas for the underlying problem
  4. Generate weighted criteria to evaluate solution ideas
  5. Evaluate proposed solutions for feasibility and outcomes
  6. Present concepts to key stake holders in immersive Q&A
  7. Create rapid prototyes to demonstrate new concepts
  8. Implement action plans by engaging multiple partners
About dreamstudio

Atlanta-Based :: Georgia Focus

Atlanta-based developer Loren Heyns specializes in Single Page Apps, Firebase authentication, Quasar VueJS, Business Analytics and Google DialogFlow conversational interfaces.

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Outside Thinking

Directories, Calendars, Asset Management

Georgia State Parks websites and calendars, CNN satellite feeds, Hands On Atlanta project management system, eNews and membership management for GreenLaw and the neighborhood associations of Midtown Atlanta, Grant Park and Glenwood Park

Built for Tomorrow

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