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Dreamstudio Design Suite

The dreamstudio design suite includes everything you need to create professional multimedia projects - for free!

* Top 20 Open Design Apps
* 3D Graphics with Blender
* Lightworks Video Editor
* Inkscape Vector Graphics
* PhotoShop Alternative GIMP
* Free Alternatives to Adobe Creative Suite
* LibreOffice - Free Alternative to Microsoft Office
* Cinelarra, Avid Video Editor Alternative
* Drum Machines, Synthesizers, Audio Mastering
* Ardour Multitrack Audio Recorder, ProTools Alternative
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Runs on Apple, Dell, Acer (or any 64-bit Intel or AMD PC). Create stunning graphics, captivating videos, inspiring music, and professional websites using open source design tools assembled by Saskatchewan musician and hardware specialist Richard MacInnis of Volocian Studios. Great for schools and businesses.

Imagine Possibility

Open Source Technology

Contact Richard at Volocian Studios to order pre-installed machines.

Dreamstudio PC - Pro
64-bit intel CPU for
Professional Multimedia Production
Weight 1.5 kg, Size 30 x 30 x 30 cm
4GB RAM ($299.00)
8GB RAM ($349.00)

Dreamstudio PC - Basic
Weight 0.7 kg, Size 20 x 20 x 20 cm
4GB RAM / 64GB SSD ($199)

Or add to your existing machines using a pre-installed USB stick:
Dreamstudio USB Stick
Weight 0.2 kg, Size 10 x 10 x 5 cm
32GB ($44.00)
64GB ($59.00)
128GB ($79.00)

Or download to install yourself. Technical setup required:
Download Dreamstudio OS

Nurture Ideas

Two screens - share your VR experience with bystanders?  Galaxy X

Plant, grow, set free...

  1. Identify challenges related to evolving scenarios
  2. Select the most pressing challenge to tackle first
  3. Produce solution ideas for the underlying problems
  4. Generate weighted criteria to evaluate solution ideas
  5. Evaluate proposed solutions for feasibility and outcomes
  6. Present concepts to key stake holders in Q&A format
  7. Create rapid prototyes to demonstrate new concepts
  8. Implement action plans with key partners
  9. Rinse and repeat
Our Portfolio

Atlanta-Based / Georgia Focused

Dreamstudio founder Loren Heyns is a Computational Science and Engineering grad student at Georgia Tech,
JAM Stack Advocate and Programmer Analyst for the Georgia Department of Economic Development.
Developer of apps for Product Lifecycle Management and Community Model Building.

Rapid Prototyping

Project Asset Management

Our content system includes timelines and calendars, group membership tools and online resource management.

Outside Thinking

Construction and Infrastructure

City-wide data exchanges, greenspace initiatives, natural-language interfaces and real-time data visualizations.

Smart Communities


Built for Tomorrow

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