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About DreamStudio

DreamStudio.com is a canvas for building narratives, exploring ideas and sharing results. We're exploring cinematic integrations between Stable Diffusion DreamStudio AI, MidJourney and OpenAI. We're combining ModelEarth filters to navigate image archive mashups like PromptHero, Lexica and playground AI using location maps and environmental impact topics.

Loren Heyns, Human

Loren's background includes developing data-driven websites for Hands on Atlanta, Georgia State Parks, Southern Company, Green Law, and Georgia Economic Development directories for aerospace, international trade, recycling and film scouting locations. Loren's undergraduate degrees are in Communication Studies and Business Economics from UC Santa Barbara. He studied Interactive Design at Michigan State University's Comm Tech Lab, and completed two semesters of Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) at Georgia Tech.

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