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Computational Science and Engineering (CSE)

Research Projects

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Georgia Institute of Technology

Curriculum Vitae


Georgia Recycling Coalition
B2B Recycling Directory developed with the Georgia Center of Innovation
Developed with Georgia Recycling Coalition (GRC) and Costas Simoglou, COI Director of Energy Technology

2019 - 2021

US EPA Environmentally-Extended Input-Output Model (USEEIO) - Industry Evaluator App
Project Lead, Data Visualization and App Development - JQuery, D3, Python, R, React with AWS API
Graduate student team: Cindy Azuero Pedraza, Nazanin Tabatabaei, Yilun Zha
EPA Lead Engineer: Dr. Wesley Ingwersen, US Environmental Protection Agency
Academic Advisor: Dr. Valerie Thomas, Georgia Institute of Technology​​

2018 - 2019

Research: Impact of Extreme Storms on Mobility and Recovery
Storm Mobility Data Processing and Visualization - JQuery, D3, Python, Seaborn, PostgreSQL
Georgia Tech Network Dynamics Lab - Academic Advisor Dr. John E Taylor, Mentor Rachel Samuels

2015 - 2018

JAM Stack Directory Development
Georgia Recycling Directory, Aerospace and Logistics, Defense, Film and Video, Manufacturing and Aerospace Directories

2000 - 2015

CEO Dreamstudio Interactive
.NET Database systems for CNN Newsroom, Georgia State Parks, Green Law, SCLC and 10 Environmental Education state sites.
Membership and news systems for Midtown Atlanta, Grant Park, West End and Glenwood Park Neighborhood Associations.

1995 - 2000

Lead Web Engineer, Interactive Planet
Southern Company websites, NationsBank Loan Calculators and Olympic website, MCI email system
Project Management System and Calendar Development
Online project management system for Hands On Atlanta and CityCares (Points of Light)

1993 - 1995

Michigan Information Technology Network (MITN)
Internet Guide to Michigan, Satellite Distance Learning Network publications and technical support
Michigan State University Comm Tech Lab - Interactive video interfaces, Contact management systems

1986 - 1991

UCSB Business Economics BA - Broadband Infrastructure
Student Honors Thesis: Interactive Video Network Analysis - Coaxial vs Fiber Optics
UCSB Communication Studies BA - Media Effects Research Assistant
Research assistant to professor Daniel Linz - Study of human interaction based on eye gaze
Executive Director of the Santa Barbara Student Housing Co-op - Student editor of Honors newsletter

Course Highlights

Data and Visual Analytics - Team Project: Machine Learning for Community Forecasting
Computer Apps for Construction - Spatial Data Exchange for Infrastructure Resiliency with Privacy Protection
Multimodal Transportation - Cut-and-Cover Freight Rail Proposal, Beltline Single-Track Proposal
Responsible Conduct (Ethics) - Group presentation on Cultural Differences in Intelligent Vehicle System Design

Georgia Institute of Technology - 4.0 GPA

CEE 4610 Multimodal Transport 3 Fall 2018
CEE 6110 Computer Apps-Construction 3 Fall 2018
CEE 8900 Special Problems 3 Fall 2018
CEE 9000 Doctoral Thesis 12 Fall 2018
CSE 6242 Data & Visual Analytics 3 Spring 2019
PHIL 6000 Responsible Conduct-Res 1 Spring 2019

DegreeWorks PDF

Michigan State University - 4.0 GPA

Comm Tech Lab. 1.5 of 2 years completed toward Telecommunications Masters. (10-1993 to 05-1995)

UC Santa Barbara - 3.4 GPA

BA Business Economics, BA Communication Studies (09-1986 to 06-1991)

Montclair High School - 4.2 GPA

Salutatorian class of '86. Top math and English student in class of 463 students. Journalism, AP Physics, AP Calculus.

Loren's Resume and Bio

Model Earth   Mobility & Recovery   CrowdSense   Data Clips   Rail Cut-and-Cover   Sustainability Apps