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"The entire universe was at room temperature for nearly seven million years. It happened 13 billion years ago (with leftover heat of the big bang). During this time, every rock in the universe was a candidate for the development of early biological life." - David S Holz, Midjourney Founder

Our Ai cinema excursions combine, Midjourney, DreamBooth by Google, WonderDynamics (sample), Pika Labs, Runway Gen2 and Zeroscope, ControlNet, Elevenlabs - Text to Voice, Neuralframes, Phenaki, Google Imagen, Babalon.js, PromptHero, DALL-E, Replicate, Deforum Animation, Lexica, PlaygroundAi, Automatic111, Upscayl, FaceSwap Discord Bot, Mubert Music Royalty Free, Soundmatch, Elevenlabs, Wzrd and Riffusion.

“Intelligence is about to be pushed out to the edge. So every person, country, and culture has their own constantly updated models, so you’ll have your own model of all your knowledge across modalities. And you can run it on your local hardware without access to the internet.” — Emad Mostaque

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Production partners welcome!  The Datascape framework supports fan-built extensions to Star Wars, Game of Thrones and all the stories you love to explore! Help create innovative ways to share royalties between creators, studios and hosts as we develop Infinite TV.

Episodes are crafted by humans as an integrated story framework designed to train AI. Storyboards and code reside on Github where they are used with Midjourney, OpenAI and Google DreamBooth datascapes.

Build your episodes by forking the localsite repo as a submodule within your own story repos. Put your images and text in markdown files displayed within Page Starter index.html files.

Contact Loren at Planet.Live to integrate your episodes.

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